Is Custodian a Scam?

Property investment is one of the best ways to generate cash flow and gain financial freedom. It’s no walk in a park, but it is a long term strategy for generating income, if executed properly. Sometimes we enter a situation wherein certain expectations were not met. This can happen often with anyone, and for a […]

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A Custodian Wealth Builder is a managing developer for those who want to invest in residential property. Their clients are mostly those who want to build their wealth by making residential investment property portfolio. Apart from a lot of other factors one of the most efficient features of this company is Custodian Wealth Builder’s feedback […]

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Positive Feedback For Custodian

In business, we all on occasion receive complaints. Sometimes expectations are just different to reality. It is easy to focus too much on complaints though and forget about all the positive feedback you get. So I thought I’d write a post on our complaints blog, highlighting all the great feedback we have received over the […]

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Custodian Workshop Feedback

Often when browsing online forums and feedback communities on topics such as workshops that are designed at helping people create wealth, financial security or financial independence, we find negative comments from people claiming “Why do you need to do that – just do the research and homework yourself”. Or “You don’t need to go to a […]

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